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With in-depth specialist knowledge, heart and comprehensive,
far-sighted advice, we take pleasure in risk hedging and life planning ...
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Safive Beratung
Safive Kunde
"Ich weiß nicht, in welchem Schlamassel ich gelandet wäre, hätte ich mich alleine mit all den Versicherungen herumschlagen müssen, die man als Selbständiger in Deutschland braucht. Christina Schröders hat mir den ganzen Stress abgenommen, indem sie sich beharrlich darum bemüht hat, die besten Angebote für meine Bedürfnisse zu finden. Ohne sie hätte ich es nicht geschafft! Vielen Lieben Dank Christina!!"

Adam Murrell

Safive and Adam Murrell

Our special services for people who have moved to Germany:

Advice on compulsory health insurance in Germany, including jointly
looking for the most efficient solution for you and your family
Advice on insurance required in Germany such as private liability insurance,
motor vehicle insurance and road users‘ legal expenses insurance
Tax-funded pension schemes and pension insurance in general
Tax advice and legal advice thanks to contact with tax consultants and lawyers
Checking of contracts and documents from all areas, such as leases,
telecommunications contracts or loan agreements
Assistance with bureaucratic procedures
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Marie Christina Schröders
Marie Christina Schröders
Master of arts Marketing and Sales
Bachelor of arts im Versicherungswesen
Versicherungskauffrau (IHK)

Knowledge and service come together
to form your concept advisory service!

I have known the industry for many years. I acquired the comprehensive knowledge required for concept advisory services thanks to my training as an insurance clerk, my degree in insurance law and my Master‘s in sales and marketing.

My recent Master‘s in tax law has enabled me to offer additional approaches to advisory work. I am primarily motivated by my enjoyment of the job and my interest in getting to know you, your desires and needs. I advise professional customers, SMEs and private individuals.

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Our services: reach your dream result in four stage


Commencement and discussion of the »advisory basis«.

After we have introduced ourselves to each other using our »initial information«, we will discuss your personal desires
and objectives, what you find important or unimportant, and what topics you would like concrete advice on.
We will write down your information, which will act as the basis for subsequent advisory sessions. We will also address
topics such as power of attorney and tax optimisation.

We develop solution concepts and alternatives.

We will provide you with an analysis for all the areas you personally, find important, and will draw up a bespoke
solution concept for you. We will offer individual comparison quotes for your existing insurance policies, and evaluate their cost-effectiveness

We introduce you to your personal concept.

As part of a second face-to-face discussion, we will present you with the solutions we drew up to optimise your pension
and insurance coverage, based on your life situation. If you agree with our proposals, you can commission our services using the »brokerage contract« or, if required, the »broker‘s power of attorney« to safeguard your interests.
If you do not want to sign a power of attorney, then that is absolutely fine.

Ongoing support.

We will keep your contracts up to date as part of our ongoing support, and keep you in the loop regarding
legal and contractual changes and improvements. WE are your contact person in a loss event. Of course, we can
also assist your family members in all insurance-related matters.


Medicusstr. 10k
63743 Aschaffenburg

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